Racing Impossible

Racing Impossible 1.0

Race GT-class cars in a 3D environment
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Choose between the ten available GT-class cars and race on 17 of the most popular tracks in different times of the day. See if you can outrun Mustangs, Fords and other cool vehicles.

Racing Impossible 1.0 is a free 3D car racing game. In this game you will be able to drive different GT class cars, such as Mustangs, Mercedes, Fords and others 7 car brands, in the 17 most famous circuits around the world. The races will take place by day or night. You can pick your favorite track, and race with the team, car or pilot that you choose. You´re even able to choose your opponents. You can choose to run a single race, or compete in a championship that will have several races. You will control your car using the numeric keypad. By default, you will see your car from the rear, but you can change the position of the camera by using the function keys. The cockpit camera will be the best choice for the best control of your car. You can accelerate, brake, turn down or left and go backwards. This game features a nice ODE physics simulation, you´ll feel the force of the car when steering the wheels. The program allows you to setup the volume of the music and sound effects that will be played during the races.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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